Video Help


Can't get your Chuckle Ball to work? This video describes the steps needed to activate Chuckle Ball. We will demonstrate how to assemble your Chuckle Ball, insert batteries, and use the ON/OFF functions.


1. Remove Chuckle Ball from packaging
2. Separate both halves by turning each in opposite directions
3. Use a screwdriver to open the motor box
4. Insert four AA batteries using the polarities indicated inside each slot
5. Reattach the motor box lid
6. Re-align purple and yellow halves of ball, with aarow pointing to opposing “tick mark”
7. Rotate both ball halves until yellow and purple “tick marks” align
8. Listen for a “double click”
9. Once tick marks are aligned, Chuckle Ball is ready to go
10. Press the white button and shake to activate
11. To turn OFF, simply press the white button again. 

For any additional questions, please see instruction sheet included in packaging, or contact us directly at 1-800-225-9319.